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Forum posting guidelines

Internet forum is an online discussion site which has different threads, each dedicated to particular topic. These forums are governed by people referred as forum staff which is made up of Administrators and Moderators collectively. Forum staff is responsible for conception and maintenance of the forum. For this they define certain policies for forum members which include rules and guidelines for thread creators.

Forum is premise for open and free discussion. Most of the forum topics include questions, opinion polls, comparisons and debates. Although forums mean open and free discussions, one should follow certain Forum Posting Guidelines while posting on forum. Forum posting rules and guidelines are maintained and enforced by forum’s moderators. If any of members breaches forum posting guidelines, ban is given to such member and he/she is stopped from further posting for certain period. Continuous breach of guidelines may eventually leads to permanent ban. Thus it is very important to follow rules before posting to forums. Every forum has its own set of rules and guideline.

Here nerds and geeks, a local SEO marketing company provides you some standard forum posting guidelines which will give you a helping hand to get more from forum. They will also help you to keep forum on topic and trouble free. Following are those forum posting guidelines:

Respect rules and guidelines:

Familiarize yourself with user guide before starting to post on any forum.

Create new thread for your problem:

Please don’t hijack others thread. Create new thread for your problem and post it in appropriate forum.

Be constructive:

Make sure that your post is constructive and descriptive. Clearly label the topic of your thread. Don’t use topics like “Help!” or “This doesn’t work!” etc. Think twice before you post.

Search before posting:

Forum is home to large number of members, thus there is a possibility that your point has already been posted by some other member. To avoid posting of same point multiple times, search forum before you post your point.

Use PMs:

Use private messages if you really need to go off-topic and to whisper something private in your fellow member’s ear. Do not PM moderators with your problems

Stay on topic:

Although forum is for free discussion and you can openly post your point here, make sure that you are not posting any off-topic post, because such posts make it harder for viewer to participate in original discussion.

Respect your fellow forum members:

Treat your fellow forum members with courtesy and respect. Give them chance to participate in discussion. Do not use abusive language in post.

Do not advertise:

This is a discussion center and it’s not a space to advertise your product. Links to commercial sites are also considered as ads.

For article posts paste first one or two paragraphs of your article followed by the link back to entire article. Don’t post whole article as it is.

Contact Moderators in an emergency:

If you have any problem in using a forum or you have some news announcement or in case you find someone abusing the forums, please contact Moderators via PMs.

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