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First Page Placement Buy it first and then Earn It

Take a look at an average search page and you’ll see listings at the top of the page that are highlighted. They usually have a heading that reads “sponsored listings” or something along those lines. Those are known in the SEO industry as first page placement and we can buy them for you. In other words, you can be on Google Page One tomorrow if you sign up for our services today. Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? You’re probably wondering if you can just do that yourself and cut out the marketing company. After all, getting to Page One is the goal, isn’t it?

If you want to do it on your own, you can of course, but you’ll end up paying a lot more for that first page placement than you should. That’s not because we get a better price as a marketing company, though we do know how to target less expensive keywords, but because you do not want to continue to pay for that spot. We buy it for our clients when we first begin our marketing efforts, but then we use organic SEO to earn that spot permanently for them. Once there naturally, you’ll never have to pay for it again.

The savvy internet user knows that first page placements are sponsored listings and views them in basically the same way they look at the sponsored ads box in the sidebar. Conditioning has taught them to ignore the shaded and boxed areas and jump right to the top organic listing on the page. For many years, that behavior prevented small business SEO from working as effectively as other mediums. It was too easy to buy those organic spots with massive link building campaigns, not the case anymore.

Today, organic SEO is a strategy that, done properly, can eventually bring anyone to the top of Page One for their industry keywords. It takes quality content creation and selective link building, and for the first time search engines are rewarding substance before quantity. Due to recent changes, the playing field has been leveled and many companies are starting from scratch. If you’re in that position, and you probably are, take advantage of our services and we’ll get you onto Page One, first by buying a spot and then by earning one that will last.

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