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Directory Submission – What is the importance?

Achieving good search engine ranking has and best web traffic has become a necessity for every website today. Almost everyone has gone online for business. Thousands of businesses are competing with each other to get more and more customers online and to generate more business through their sites. There are many methods for getting high rankings and increased web traffic to your website. Some of them are website SEO, directory submission, article submission etc.

What is Directory Submission?
Web directory also known as Link directory is a directory of links on World Wide Web (www), which links our website to other websites and also categorizes those links. It acts as a search engine for links by category and subcategory and not for web pages by keywords. Google directories, Yahoo! directories, Open directory project (ODP) like DMOZ etc. are few well known web directories. Process of submitting your website links along with relevant keywords and Meta tags to such directories is called as “Directory Submission.”

Directory submission is a way to promote your website and to get significantly improved ranking on search engines to your website in all major search engines. Although traffic from web directories is very less, it improves ranking by back link (incoming links to your website/web page) boost resulting it.

Importance of Directory submission

Directory submission is always very important way for SEO because it gives you numerous benefits. Some of the important benefits of Directory submission are:

• It gives free quality back link support to your website.
• It gives quality one way link building to your website which improves page rank of your website.
• It improves your link popularity which increases your presence over internet.
• It adds organic traffic to your website.
• It links you permanently with single time investment.

Way of directory submission

There are two ways of submitting your website to web directories. One is Manual directory submission and other is Automatic directory submission.

In Manual directory submission process, experts handle the process by submitting the link to web directories by filling forms manually whereas in automatic directory submission process, directory submission software handles the process by keeping the track of web directories and by sending the provided information automatically to these directories. Although automatic directory submission is less time consuming than manual directory submission, manual directory submission is preferred because not all web directories supports automatic directory submission services.

Process of directory submission:

1. Selecting one of the free, reciprocal or paid directories which accept submission as per your requirement.
2. Searching a unique URL for your website to be submitted in web directory.
3. Selecting proper category and subcategory for your website so as to increase chances of approval of your link in web directory.
4. Creating a separate and valid email account for directory service so that notify you of any submission related issue.
5. Feeling directory submission form properly and submitting it correctly to web directory site.
6. Last but not the least is ensuring the directory submission back in few weeks by checking whether site has been added to directory.

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