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Directory Submission: Master It!

We all know that there are benefits to directory submission – if you’ve never heard the term or want to learn the basics of it, a great definition is found at .But if you’re looking for ways to get some directory submission taken care of, this article will give you a few tips.

ssFirst thing, a lot of directories are downright crap.Take a moment to think through how different directories are from search engines.A human looks at everything a web content author submits to a directory, and then decides its topic and relative placement.And while this process isn’t nearly as random as that encountered in a search engine, human beings are still fallible and the process can still become an exercise in frustration.So you definitely need to take more of a focused approach, instead of “shotgunning” your site to every directory under the Sun.

It’s a well known fact that anything general is going to be overlooked 9 times out of 10.And a lot of directories, while wonderful stockpiles of sites quasi-relevant to some probable search terms, have very little organization beyond the very top pages.Often, they use a line of code called NOFOLLOW, which means the search engines will take any given search to the top page… and then the searcher is on their own.

And come on, this is the 21st century – nearly anything can be found within mere seconds of tickling the keyboard.For general inquiries, say “tallest buildings on Earth,” a search engine will provide in seconds HGH (or .001 seconds, in some cases) what a directory will require several minutes of searching to locate.

So the first step in directory submission is to select a very niched directory.If you’re writing about tall buildings, you might be in trouble. But if you’re writing about skyscrapers made of glass built in the past 30 years, you have a much higher likelihood of being successful by submitting your site to directories – and becoming an “expert” at a small but interesting field.

The second most important part of submitting to directories is to follow a very oft-quoted rule of investing – “preserve wealth.”If a site expects you to pay a fee in order to have your site listed, consider whether that site is helping you be indexed through the search engines (obviously, NOFOLLOW means it definitely isn’t).Also consider whether the directory itself is driving any real traffic to your site – which you can find out, first by finding out how much traffic reaches the directory itself, and then by going to some highly-listed sites in that directory and checking how much traffic they’re getting from it.

Simply put, if a directory adds value to you (through that precious traffic, and/or through helping your rating with the search engines), then it might be worth spending some cash.

As you can clearly see, directory submission is a tricky business – and you might not want to engage this particular campaign all on your lonesome. Don’t be afraid to seek out a good company that specializes in this sort of thing.

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