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Blog Posting: It Won’t Post Itself!

There are a lot of places online where a person can spout off on any topic that motivates their minds and keystrokes. And people will blog about very nearly anything, from different ways to tie shoelaces, to 30-year-old video games (both honorable and lovely topics, in my opinion).

But one thing separates the whiny people from the silent ones – the same thing which separates the berserk crusaders from those who wallow in quiet desperation.It’s just one tiny detail, which ripples out permanently from some people, and remains bottled up within others.The single, solitary difference between one group and another is that one group says nothing, while the other group actually posts in its blogs!

I wish there was an alternative to doing something in this life, but that’s a perfect world in which we do not live.To be heard, you must speak, and to be read, you must write. There’s a reason most weddings feature a moment of tension when the pastor asks anyone who has a reason to stop the proceedings to “speak now, or forever hold your peace.”Those who don’t say anything, will not be heard.

Of course, there are a few technical details beyond just opening up a new blog entry and ventilating some “diarrhea of the keyboard.”Obviously, reasonable punctuation, spelling and grammar will add to your credibility, allowing your potential readers to see you as something more than a “village idiot” type, ranting away like a subway vagrant at any unfortunate passers-by within earshot.But it goes deeper than basic language skills.

You need a plan, if you intend to accomplish anything with your blog posting.And part of that plan involves making regular entries – consider Prime Time TV.Would anyone watch their favorite shows if they only came on every few months… and went off the air for a year or so because the network “didn’t feel like” showing them?Of course not!Consistent blogging might be even more important than intelligent blogging – with enough passion, a barely-coherent message still carries weight.

A lot of people turn their blogs into profit-making machines, by using affiliate marketing principles, garnering advertisers, and through selling their own products and services. So get into blog posting — it could change your life.