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Article Writing and Sumission

Writing an article about your website and distributing them is the most popular method of internet marketing normally known as “Article Marketing Services.” Many of businesses succeeded because of an effective article writing and distribution. It does not only help to online, but offline businesses in their advertising. Online article writing and distribution is the perfect vehicle for building one-way links to your website in order to increase web traffic to it. If you are really keen to know more about Article marketing services that is Article writing and its submission, here nerds and geeks, a local SEO marketing company provides this piece of information which will tell you more about it.

Why Article Writing and submission:
• It is the most traditional and popular way of marketing which provides you perpetual back linking to your website.
• It will help you to brand yourself as an expert in your field and thus it will boost your sales and profits ultimately.
• It provides you “solo ad” facility which means it does standalone marketing of your website which will give you helping hand to build your link popularity.
• Properly written articles about your website send web traffic to your website.
• As it is a kind of Organic way, it cost-effective way of internet marketing.

3 Steps for Article Marketing Service:

1. Research:
This includes creating an outline for your article such as title, introduction and body etc. then finding reach keywords, catchy titles for your article, which will attract more readers to your article.

2. Writing an article:
This includes writing an original and creative article with great qualitative and quantitative material.
3. Distribution:
Although this step of article marketing may take some more time, it is very important step. This includes finding online directories and posting your article to as much online directories as you can.

Few tips for effective article writing:
• Make your article as clear as possible by stating the motive behind it in introduction part itself. You can explore your problem in the article body.
• Think about the purpose of your article whether you are writing an article to promote or for sell. Choose your keyword phrases accordingly.
• Make sure that keywords used in your article are rich and simple. Dense keywords make your article look shabbier.
• Make your article broad in content.
• Organize your material point wise by including bullets and numbering to it. Readers will love to read it like that instead of reading it like a paragraph. Even in body section keep paragraphs short. Lengthy paragraph looks irritating.
• Write your article in such a way that it will put your reader at ease. Make sure that your contents are both informative and entertaining.
• Write constructive article by adding examples and write up to the topic. If your contents are off- the topic, readers will loose interest in it.
• Mention the benefits of your product and services you offer to your customers frequently if it for sale.
• Last but not the least is avoid grammatical, punctuation or spelling mistakes.

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