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Affordable SEO — Because You’re Broke

Alright everybody, repeat after me and replace the big underscore with your name: “Hi, I’m _________, and I’m broke.”It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and I hear that cardboard boxes are an economical and well-insulated living space that reduces needlessly-used landfill space.Alright, you’re probably not that broke, if you’re motivated enough to go online and seek out the 411 on how to build a successful web site.But if I were a betting person, I’d be willing to put this month’s take-home that you’re not as rich as you want to be.

seoAnd that’s why you want something besides Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.   There’s nothing wrong with PPC, but if you’re like a lot of early-career Internet marketers, your budget just might not allow something that complex.Not to mention that it’s entirely possible you haven’t been able to find your niche yet – and never forget, you NEED a niche.Even massive global corporations don’t pretend they can do everything.And you’re not a massive global corporation, are you?  Maybe you should try a more affordable SEO strategy.

So you want to optimize your site so that search engines can find it, and so potential customers can find your wonderful information (and opt into your e-mailing list), but you don’t want to hire one of those scammy slickster types, who’ll just install a program that’ll “trick” search engines into indexing you well.Good, maybe you’re a legitimate businessperson – there just aren’t enough of those online these days.Or maybe you’re just too broke to take the “easy way out.”

There’s a very inexpensive process you must go through, in order to “naturally” optimize a site:

1. Figure out whom you’re speaking to.

If you’re targeting the parents of small children, discussions of indie bands and the local rave scene might fall on deaf ears.However, discussions of special museum exhibits, and lessons on how to deal with unacceptable behavior in a firm but non-harmful fashion, could garner you a great deal of respect (and a list of people who’ll open your e-mails most every time!).

2. Figure out what you intend to say.

If all you do is a constant marketing pitch, you’ll probably get one or two chances… and if you send these weekly, within a month you’ll have a list consisting of Spam folders and family members too polite to opt out.A far better approach is to actually PROVIDE VALUE, through great information.And if you do that 9 times out of 10 (with a little plug at the bottom, “if you’d like to learn more…”), your marketing message will be received as “more of a good thing,” instead of “another sales pitch.”

3. Make sure your site is congruent with your message and audience.

As many wise people have said, knowing is not enough – you must apply this knowledge, or it sits uselessly in your mind.Does your site connect with the emotions of your target audience?Are you saying something they’ll actually listen to?Are you sure? Pay attention to your SEO efforts, and tweak them when necessary — you’ll reach your goals.

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