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Affordable SEO and Bootstrapping Your Way to The Top

Website SEO is a complicated business to get into.For one thing, this isn’t like the old days, when one could just plop down some meta tags and call their SEO done for the day.Nowadays, there’s a long, drawn out thought process you have to go through, if you want your site to find your target audience.

seo1Just remember, you do NOT want everyone – you want the right people.The wrong people will try to twist your site into something it isn’t, and all you’ll probably end up doing is diluting your message.And a watered-down message will make your core audience roll their eyes and move on.

But there is a way, not only to get rid of the people who aren’t really into your message, and to (hopefully) attract people who want to read what you have to say (and maybe even get deeper into the subject).Content is the most natural SEO there is.Let’s take a look at the process:

1. Determine what you want to say.

At the end of the day, this is still your web site we’re talking about.And while gathering feedback and taking good advice are excellent tactics… you’re still the ultimate decision maker, and the primary voice of your site.Literally, what you say goes.So don’t be surprised if you say something and it offends or upsets some people – those people probably don’t want to hear any of your message, so they’ll probably not like most of what you say.

2. Determine who your audience is.

You’ll discover early on that there are several kinds of site rats (people who spend time going through a site) – for one, there are the kind who say nothing.Then there are the kind of people who post tons of kindly feedback and comments.And then, or course, there are your critics… and having critics is good, because how you deal with adversity says a lot about who you are.Answer the question, “Who am I writing for?”

3. Get started!

As Yogi Berra might have said, “It ain’t written ‘til you write it.”The first part of any kind of SEO is producing actual content.That means regular blog posting, press releases, writing articles.Get out your name and your opinions, and you will most likely begin to garner some response.

Just keep plugging away at it – sooner or later, you will get cataloged.And if you’ve got a clear enough picture of who you’re writing to, you should attract them as well.

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