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Yahoo Store SEO

With all the information that is available today, people want more and more specific information. They know what they are looking for and want only what they need. Very unfortunately, there is a flip side as well. A lot of information is not authentic, worse, not accurate. What a user/customer is looking for is genuine, factual and bona fide information.

The basic Yahoo Store uses images to present titles of their items. Images, though, increases the time it takes for your site to upload. If you have smart keywords on your title page, the SEO will surely pick them up. It would be good to remember that many good Search Engines give an added weightage to larger text, since logically it follows that larger text means that what you are trying to say is important.

Your RTML will need to be programmed to show these titles. Installing a Text Side Navigation will definitely improve the SEO. Store owners would do well to have distinctive and singular keywords as well as description Meta tags on every single page. Because of Yahoo’s default templates, some adjustments will have to be made even though they are very time-consuming.

You will have to have the templates modified so that they will automatically produce description and keyword Meta tags for each item that is on your site. Your RTML template will also have to be rewritten to show breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs link all the sections so that you can navigate through the site easily and get to the item required.

The more the page content, the higher the ranking by the Search Engines. Setting up Alt Tags for all images helps. This is because the Yahoo store actually has an image for the name of each item. Since a Search Engine cannot read images, you will need to go to your RTML templates and change the images to text. If there are related items on each page, which contain text links to their corresponding items in the parent section, then, it gives the customer added information.

It is good to have a site map. This is easily read by Search Engines, and all your different categories with their sections and subsections can be listed on this site map. Customers would find this extremely useful. Make sure you have links in your website. These links should take you to all the other pages. With your keywords evenly spaced and the links taking you to the different pages, your site can be viewed very comprehensively by visitors. All this goes towards helping users make informed decisions and choices