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Targeted Email Marketing and Building Subscriber Trust

Email has become the primary method people communicate with each other, both professionally and personally. It has also evolved into one of the most effective marketing tools in our digital world. The key is to build a targeted email marketing campaign that speaks personally to your subscriber list. When done correctly, you can inspire old customers to return, generate new sales and leads and see a surge in the amount of traffic that visits your website. If done incorrectly, you could experience some devastating results: loss of subscribers, customer complaints or your site could drop in engine rankings. A cornerstone of any campaign is to build and nourish the trust a customer has in your product, site or company. We’ll talk about some guidelines you should follow when launching your next email campaign.

  • Compelling and Inspiring Subject Lines. Inboxes can get cluttered and most of us simply scroll through, scan the subject line and make a decision to delete or open. Composing your subject lines to catch someone’s attention means you have to touch them emotionally in some way. Be cautious with this – if your subject line doesn’t match your content, you could lose a subscriber.
  • Well-Designed Body. Whether you are a blogger, product reviewer or ecommerce site you should be composing and designing an email body that is attractive and contains working web links. Elements should be arranged to flow and coordinate with the promised information and motivate the reader to click on the link and visit the page.
  • Provide Opt-In and Opt-Out. Be sure that the emails you send promote any other online features that you may have, such as newsletters, for the reader to subscribe to. This provides an on-going refinement and building of your email lists. In addition, your targeted email marketingshould include a link to unsubscribe. A failure to do this will cause the recipient to “block” you – this flags you as a spammer and will wreak havoc with your credibility.

Today’s digital marketplace can tend to be impersonal, but savvy consumers still want to trust the company they are dealing with. A well-designed and delivered targeted email marketing launch focuses on that trust and fosters it with these simple tips.