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Website MUST-HAVES: Social Buttons a Staple in Local Internet Marketing

Local internet marketing is a curious side-field of traditional internet marketing. Localization — the technique of taking a competitive keywords and adding location terms to it in order to focus on the relevant customer base — seems at first to be the sole element in local internet marketing, but the truth is a bit more complex. That’s because it only addresses the SEO part of internet marketing — but there’s more to the game than that.

Nowadays, major social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus move huge quantities of traffic. If you’re not using some form of social marketing — social bookmarking on the low end all the way up to Facebook ads on the upper end — you’re not really marketing, you’re just doing small-business SEO.

One of the most effective ways for a small business to utilize social marketing is by adding social buttons to their content. Every time you put up a webpage, write a new blog post, or otherwise put anything branded online, you should include buttons. In order of popularity, the major social buttons are:

  • Facebook’s “Like” button
  • Twitter’s “Tweet” button
  • Facebook’s “Share” button
  • GooglePlus’ “+1” button
  • Any of AddThis’ plugins
  • Pinterest’s “Pin It” button
  • Any of ShareThis’ plugins
  • TikTok’s Share button

Of the top 300 e-commerce sites online, 71% of them use social buttons to drive traffic — and why wouldn’t they? It’s a snowballing effect: the more people that pimp your page on their profile, the more people come to your page to check it out. It creates a driving need for your page to be perfect and your product to be penultimate, but isn’t that a good thing in the first place?

Social buttons quickly divide the market into ‘interesting and good enough to tell your friends about’ and ‘not’. If your business falls into that first category, social buttons will drive traffic to your site and people in your doors. If it’s not, social buttons will tell you that it’s not so you can try something different. Either way, the end result is that your business improves — and the more it improves, the more social buttons become a great way to market your business.

If you’re not currently using marketing automation, it’s time to start. Here’s a quick read on the Three Benefits of Marketing Automation and how just like social media buttons, marketing automation can help take your business to the next level.

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  2. I am just starting out in Internet Marketing and created my own website. But I can’t seem to get any traffic to it, or no one is signing up for the free social networking site I am promoting. It doesn’t make any sense. Even my own family and friends won’t sign up. What am I doing wrong?

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    I own a florist in Chicago area, we have been in business for over 50 years. We have never really had to do much advertising because everyone knew us. Times have changed and I find myself looking for ways to boost sales. I never used a marketing company but I feel I have to try sometime besides an ad in the local paper.

  5. i had switched to facebook lite….just to see how it is.but now im not able to go back to the regular facebook…..when i go to settings and change the default site to regular facebook..after pressing the save button it automatically changes to facebook lite….when i open profile in settings of facebook lite….im directed to regular facebook……but when i click home in regular facebook.it directs again to facebook lite……..please help….facebook lite…..is not good….

  6. The Dark Knight

    First off I raise rabbits for meat and also pets. Does anyone have any advise on where I could find a market for these rabbits? I’m trying to get set up where I can butcher and sell the vacuum sealed packages of meat so I can ship. Any ideals on a local market as far as where to start marketing. By the way I live in oklahoma

  7. I’m looking for an internet marketing company with websites for local communitys in KS like Manhattan, Lawrence, Topeka, and Kansas City. I’m not having much luck with searching around, I want to find a company that controls multiple websites with traffic for the cities I mentioned.

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  11. I need some good websites to go learn about internet marketing and search engine optimization. I took an internet marketing class at the local university and it wasn’t worth much to me, just lots of things to do-like build a working site-DUH! I want to understand more about how SEO works and other ways of internet marketing. Any sites or suggested publications woud be greatly appreciated!

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  14. So I’ve heard about this through a friend and it sounds really interesting. Can anybody help me with this topic? What are its advantages and what makes it different from… you know… normal real estate marketing? Thank you so much!

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    Internet marketing can get various tedious if you only rely on emails (although emailing messages about the event to anyone i know should be the first step). I really want to find a way to send this message out to as many people as possible. Any marketing genius out there who can help me with this? Thank you so much!

  16. myself vimal verma from zigroup web development company in kanpur. i want to know best planing for capturing local market

  17. I would like to work from my home base computer and was told my best bet would be internet marketing. I am currently a Licensed Real Estate agent is their anthing in marketing that would pertain to my current position?

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