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Making an Effective Small Business SEO campaign

A small business SEO campaign does not mean that you need to add a sophisticated tech wing to your business, it’s something anyone can handle. By following these steps you’ll be well on your way with your first successful small business SEO campaign.

First things first, you’re going to need great content for your website. Since you’re the expert this very well might be something you can have plenty of input in yourself. You may also wish to hire a freelance writer / editor to make sure the work is error-free and reads well.

Your content is your number one draw for your customer, and if they find better content from you than your competition, they’ll return again and again, recommend you to friends, and share links to your pages. Plus search engines will love you, don’t forget that.


When starting from scratch, take inspiration from the most popular companies in your industry who already do well online. This is especially useful for working out your website layout to give users the easiest experience. It should also help you to avoid big pitfalls that others have made.

Keyword Research
A cunning keyword researcher will know exactly how to keep your content looking one step ahead of your competition. By making use of more specific or obscure keywords you can pick up large scale traffic by tapping into the way the customer and search engines think.

Long-Term Backlinks
Seek out and make friends with other local or relevant businesses. By connecting your used car dealership to trusted mechanics and MOT services you will each draw your existing traffic together, and will begin to share the fruits of your combined labour.
If any of these terms seem unfamiliar, don’t be afraid! Affordable help is on hand to to implement these techniques. Plus with just one SEO package including all of this, your site will be set to go for quite some time, and you’ll begin to see the rewards immediately.