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How to Get Material For Your Targeted Email Marketing Autoresponder

When you get into the realm of targeted email marketing, you may have the common misapprehension that you can just sit down and write an email every week and be good with that — and in fact that is theoretically possible, it’s just not a very good idea. The reasons why range from the psychological (you can’t help but get familiar with your list, but people new to your list aren’t familiar with you yet, which can be disconcerting to them) to the technical (what if you get sick?)

That’s why everyone who does targeted email marketing should have an autoresponder. An autoresponder is simply a machine that accepts email from people and redirects it to you — all the while automatically pumping out pre-written emails on a pre-set schedule. The gurus suggest having 105 pre-written emails that go out on a weekly basis. That’s just over two years of emails. Why so many? Because that’s how long it takes before you can reasonably assume that an email is either no longer being checked or that the reader has learned to skip over your emails altogether.

So how do you get enough content to write 105 emails (understanding that the experts say that no more than a dozen of those emails should be actual marketing material)? Well, the easiest way is going to be to hire a ghostwriter — but if you can’t afford it (say, because you’re a solopreneur who is trying to self-employ his way out of the recession), you can do it all yourself.

Just learn as much as you can about the industry you’re trying to get into, and start writing phrases related to it. Anything will do as long as it’s unambiguously related to your industry. For example, if you were going to be affiliate-selling infrared ovens, you could use terms like ‘infrared oven’, ‘infrared toaster oven’, ‘halogen oven’, ‘convection oven’, ‘infrared tabletop oven’, and so on and so on.

Then, simply search Google for your search term plus the phrase “inurl:article”. That will give you as many articles as you could possibly need to read, learn from, and paraphrase into mailing list articles. Writing and distributing them can all happen right in your autoresponder window. Give it a few weeks so you don’t overload yourself, and once it’s ready, you’re good to go!

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