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Honest Organic SEO for You

It wasn’t so long ago that websites could kind of shortcut the  SEO system with what is known as “black hat” SEO techniques. These include link farming; posting incoming links on other sites or forums to direct users into your page from numerous sources; and keyword stuffing, where you see the main topic keyword plastered into very weak repetitive content.

But search engines are constantly developing to stay a step ahead of the game, and these black hat techniques are now more likely to have your page removed entirely from search engine results than they are to bring you in much traffic. Further even if you are subtle about it, Google and other search engines now try to engage more and more with content, meaning in the long-term that if your visitors aren’t returning to your page, you’ll slip down the results pages quickly.

White hat techniques are essentially similar to black hat tricks – but honest, and this is real organic seo. Keywords still play one of the biggest roles, but rather than stuffing the word cheese into each of your web pages on your site about all types of cheese, proper research must be conducted.

Using web development tools for keyword research we can find all of the most searched terms relating to cheeses (soft / hard -cheese, fromage, bree / cheddar etc). This way your site shows up in a response to a variety of possible key search terms, as well as giving you the opportunity to capitalise on popular search terms that your competition might be missing out on.

Finally by introducing the physical address of your business to your keyword portfolio you can tap straight into the vein of your local market, and find your way quickly to the top of google in your local niche. Your local area is bigger than you might have thought.