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Essentials of Small Business SEO

Small business owners everywhere understand the incredible potential of the internet. For the first time, business size doesn’t matter – any company can have a global presence with the right internet marketing techniques. Online marketing is an incredibly efficient and budget-friendly avenue to accelerate the growth of your business and boost your profits. Designing a successful campaign for any business size follows the same guiding principles and achieves the same goal – getting your website to the top of the search rankings and creating a more robust online presence. There are many techniques that can be use, from email campaigns to social media marketing, making small business SEO an affordable pick for leveling the playing field and competing with large corporations in a digital marketplace.

  • Enhanced Visibility and Exposure. More traffic equals more revenue; we all know the equation. Small business SEOis the process of putting your website above the fold on page one of the search results. A correctly designed and implemented online marketing campaign can cause your listing to out-rank any multi-national corporation, something that traditional marketing techniques could never do for you.
  • Maximize Conversion Rates. Keyword research identifies negative keyword, relevant keywords and phrases that are most frequently entered in queries when people search products or services within your industry niche. From this research, your ideal customer is identified and you begin receiving traffic that is more likely to take the next step and become your newest customer.
  • Onsite and Offsite Optimization. Your ecommerce site needs fresh, relevant content and images that is interesting and engages users. Visitors should be able to move from page to page with ease and strong “calls to action” should inspire them to take the next step. Quality backlinks from other internet sources are built using ethical “White Hat” techniques that make the search engines sit up and take notice.

In today’s digital marketplace, any business can take the leading edge over their competition, regardless of the size of their building or how large their staff.  The internet truly provides an equal opportunity for every organization. Small business SEOis the key to taking your business to the next level and putting you in the lead in a global marketplace.