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Custom Blog Creation: Your First Line for SEO

Blog pages are a little like having dozens or hundreds of fishing rods, each with special bait for catching a particular fish (your different customers). It allows you to attract all of your customers on a more individual level, since each of your customers may need your service or product for a slightly different reason to the next.

Your blog will also give you a place for all of those little tit-bits of information that you feel is too specific or detailed to include on your main site pages. Likewise a custom blog on your website will enable you to tidy up any unnecessary info from your main site pages, which you can easily replace with a small hyperlink to the information in your blog.

One of the overall most valuable return you’ll find from making your blog is that it will give a consistent level of traffic to your site. This means that your overall site ranking will benefit, and you should find your website higher on search engine placement, resulting in a more solid foundation for your traffic.

These blog pages will also all be doorways to the main content of your site. In each very particular blog post you make customers may learn why your product or service will work for them, and appreciating the expertise and information that you’ve delivered, the likelihood is that your particular product or service will be the first they check out.

The final point I’d like to make about the benefits of having a custom blog created is the effect it can have on your reputation as a business. If your customers come to see you as the expert at delivering them valuable information, then this builds a significant level of trust between the customer and your business, and this is sure to make for repeat business.