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Current Trends in Social Bookmarking

One of the newest waves in the evolution of social media is social bookmarking sites. These sites have been around for a few years, but the way that people use them has progressed. Some of the older sites have faded away and been replaced with newer sites. The approach that people take when using these sites has undergone a revolution. Business and website owners can leverage social bookmarkingto increase web visibility if they understand and follow the current trends. We’ll talk about what these are and some guidelines to follow to get the best results in the shortest timespan possible.

  • Every site has its own culture. For those internet marketing gurus who follow such things, the volatility of the bookmarking sites has been extremely interesting. As the pioneer sites fizzled out, the next generation emerged and each has its own culture and audience. It pays to research each one to find where you fit best.
  • Know your audience. Because of the uniqueness of cultures, the audience that you are speaking to will be different depending on which site you are using. You will need to customize your posts in a way that recognizes and engages the particular audience for that site.
  • Pay attention to your competition. Smart marketers pay attention to their competitors and social bookmarkingis no different. Take the time to check out their profiles and what they are posting; look at what’s successful and what’s not. You can learn a lot about trends this way and follow suit to stay current.
  • Your content should be exciting and creative. Images should be clear, crisp and catch a user’s eye. Your content should be brief, concise and relevant. Try adding some humor or some other creative aspect to spice it up a bit. You want to get readers engaged and inspire loyalty.

A business owner that wants to take advantage of the social bookmarkingtrend needs to do their homework. You want to be able to recognize trends and how you can use them in your business. Tailor your posts to your audience and the culture of the platform and this evolving marketing tool can help you achieve some big results.