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A DIY Guide to Affordable SEO

As with anything, the more you know about SEO, the easier it will be to implement successfully and cost-effectively. As an online business owner it is your duty to stay on top of the latest trends and themes, and as a customer you’ll likewise be able to keep things as affordable as possible.


Not every type of SEO strategy is necessary for every business, and finding which will suit yours best is easy with a little research. Here is a short summary of things to bear in mind for your business.


PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

PPC is often taken as separate or even in opposition to SEO, though it’s worth mentioning here. PPC is advertising which comes up at the top and in the side margin of search engine results. Their first benefit is that they are registered with the search engine, and so users will automatically trust the links as legitimate. The main benefit though is that you only pay for each incoming click to your website that the search engine draws in. Beware though, PPC alone is not necessarily a stand alone solution.


Keyword Research

One of the most essential features to a solid SEO campaign. Keywords are what enable a search engine like google to connect a user searching for golf supplies to golf retailers online. Without the right keywords your web page is destined to remain untouched, with the right choices though you might well see your page soaring above some of the biggest companies globally.



If you know of related websites to your own that you enjoy, then by building a relationship together you can strengthen each of your businesses respectively. For example if a hairdresser connects to hair care websites that they use, these same websites may well link back to you, creating a doorway between your two sites, through which you mutually recommend customers to each other.


Be Local

This is so easy and effective that it’s almost a hack! Simply by addressing your locality in your SEO campaign, you could find your webpage coming out from the shadows to be featured on search engine front pages. As a hairdresser you have a planet of competition, as a hairdresser in South London 123 fake street, you may well have the monopoly.

Be Social

Take advantage of social media guys, I’ve covered this in detail elsewhere, but just to reiterate that there is no comparable way of making a buzz than by being social (and for the most part it’s totally free!).